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Öffentliche Ausschreibungen

Öffentliche Ausschreibungen im Bereich Geowissenschaften.

Private Anfragen

Private Anfragen für Altlasten, Bodengutachten und Geothermie.


Grundlegenden Verfahren der Grundwasserhydraulik mit Beispielen.

If you are interesting in buying the domain, please contact:

The domain was formerly registered by the internet service provider GeoNet Communications in 1990. In 1998 the company was taken over by Level 3 Communications and the domain was disused for several years. In 2003 Geonet GmbH bought the domain from Level 3 and used it for its Geonet Marketplace for mineral commodities and public tenders. In 2009 the Marketplace was separated in different services, which run under other generic domains.

Offers may be submitted until end of 2015. The offer with the highest bid wins the contract for the domain.